Kleraderm boast a history of hard work, geniality and determination.

Kleraderm was founded in 1981 by a chemical genius, Dr.Ioannis Apostolopoulos. Greek citizen, Dr. Ioannis came to Italy to study chemistry at the oldest university in the world, based in Bologna. It was here that he decided to stay and set up his company.

The Company Mission is keen to offer active solutions reaching the desire of Harmony, Beauty and Well-being for the skin. We are strongly involved in continuous and fascinating evolution’s of the cosmetic field. Kleraderm keeps on developing, testing and producing innovative, customised, effective and personalised treatments.

Day by day, exclusive expertise and scientific know-how coupled with enthusiasm, passion and commitment makes Kleraderm an international trustful top player. Every day the selected network builds up a strong and continuous expansion of the real “Made in Italy” Quality by Kleraderm worldwide.

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